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How to Find A Good Web Detective Site

Web detective sites are growing in number by the minute, but not all these services are completely reliable. In order to find a site that will give you the results you need, you have to be discriminating in your search.

First of all, you have to check that the web detective services offered are legal. In the United States, the Federal Freedom of Information Act gives the general public access to hundreds of records. However there are some types of records that can only be viewed by authorized individuals, like the police. A legitimate web detective site will not allow you to perform illegal searches of these restricted records.

The second thing to consider is the list of records you can search on the site. An excellent service should compile all available links to public records and organize them in such a way that your search will be as easy as possible. They should also update their databases everyday so your search can include even the most recent records.

A good web detective site usually comes with web detective software that you can use or download upon paying a reasonable membership fee. This web detective software should be fairly simple to use and will let you search easily through public records such as birth and death records, marriage records, adoption records, census data, criminal records and copyright information. The program should be able to yield results in a matter of minutes.

You will know that a web detective site is reliable if they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product. If you come across a web detective site that claims they can find exactly what you are looking for, that is a definite red flag. A dependable web detective site will never guarantee results just to get you to sign up with them. They will not give you false hope and will just stick to the bare facts.

Another thing to watch out for in looking for efficient web detective services is false advertising in terms of fees. Many sites would promote their services as completely free but will actually charge you when it is time to do the actual search.

Almost all web detective services will charge a membership fee, after which you can do the regular searches for free. There are some special cases though where extra investigation is required, and these web detective services usually cost more so you do have to pay an additional amount.

A decent web detective service will never divulge your identity to anyone, nor will they allow the person you're investigating find out that he or she is being checked on. They must be very discreet and your privacy should be among their top concerns.

Another sign of a good web detective site is that they reply quickly every time you have a question about their program or the service. They will be truthful and concise in their answers and will always admit when they cannot give you what you want.

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